Light on Life – 9

Chapter 2: Stability – The physical body (Asana)

2.1. The true nature of health
2.2. Awareness: Every pore of the skin has to become an eye
2.3. Dynamic Extension: From the core of your being
2.4. Relaxation: In every pose there should be repose
2.5. Lightness: Think light and feel light
2.6. Balance: Evenness is harmony
2.7. Pain: Find comfort even in discomfort
2.8. Perfecting: Always be happy with the smallest improvement

2.9. Divine Yoga: Do the asana with your soul

Use your body to discipline the mind and to reach the soul. Asana, when done with the right intention, will help to transform an individual by taking the person away from an awareness of just the body towards the consciousness of the soul. Indeed, the body is the bow, asana the arrow, and soul is the target. The asana must be righteous and virtuous.
By righteous one means that the asana need to be true. You must not cheat or pretend. You must fill every mm of your body with the asana so that the asana radiates from the core of your body and fills the entire diameter and circumference of your limbs.
By virtuous one means that it must be done with the right intention, not for the ego or to impress but for the Self. In this way the asana is a sacred offering. A virtuous asana is done from the heart and not from the head or the body. So while you are sweating and aching, let your heart be light and let it fill your body with gladness. The pain is temporary but freedom is permanent.

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