Light on Life – 4

Chapter 2: Stability – The physical body (Asana)

2.1. The true nature of health
2.2. Awareness: Every pore of the skin has to become an eye
2.3. Dynamic Extension: From the core of your being

2.4. Relaxation: In every pose there should be repose

How can one relax in an asana when one is feeling the aches and pains learning the asana? Begin your asana by releasing the breath till you feel a quiet state of silence in the cells and self. And remember that, inhalation is tension and exhalation is freedom. If you want to stretch deeper, exhale and stretch again. Focus on relaxing as you hold the stretch, this will relax the brain as well as the body. When you keep the back skin of the neck passive,the tongue soft, and the throat relax, there will be no tension in the brain. This is silence in action, relaxation in action. Also the eyes should be soft and sunken in. Keep your eyes open and relaxed and at the same time looking backward (within) during your practice.

When we direct our eyes looking forward, the frontal brain is working with analysis (vitarka). But when we spread our ocular awareness from the back corner of the temple, near the ear, the back brain is brought into play, which works with synthesis (vicara). The front brain can dismantle because of its powerful penetration, the back brain is holistic and reassembles. While working in asana, if the action is done solely from the front brain, it blocks the reflective action of the back brain and looses the inner sensation.

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