Light on Life – 3

Chapter 2: Stability – The physical body (Asana)

2.1. The true nature of health

2.2. Awareness: Every pore of the skin has to become an eye

2.3. Dynamic Extension: From the core of your being

The goal of all asana practice is doing them from the core of your being and extending out dynamically through to the periphery of your body. If extension is from the intelligence of the brain, expansion is from the intelligence of the heart. Extension is attention and expansion is awareness.


  • intelligence of the brain
  • attention


  • intelligence of the heart
  • awareness

While doing asana, both the intellectual intelligence and the emotional intelligence have to meet and work together. Extension and expansion brings space, and space brings freedom. From freedom of the body, comes freedom of the mind and then the Ultimate freedom.

When you extend to your skin, you are also extending your nerve endings. Extending them opens them so that they can throw out their stored impurities.

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