Light on Life – 2

2.2 Awareness: Every pore of the skin has to become an eye

Yoga teaches us how to infuse our movements with intelligence, transforming them into actions. (Action is movement with intelligence). During the asana one starts to develop a sensitivity/awareness where each pore of the skin acts as an inner eye. Our awareness gets diffused throughout the perifery of our body and is able to sense whether in a particular asana our body is in alignment. You start to be able to adjust and balance the body gently from within with the help of these eyes.

If the brain receives knowledge from the body, it will be able to increase the intelligence of the body later. In this way the brain and the body start to work together to master the asana. It is only when the mind is in a state of silence/emptiness during the practice of asana, that this emptiness can be filled with the awareness/sensations of the body, leading to intelligence.

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