Sushumna runs from the base of the pelvis, in a vertical line. We visualize this as a column of light, a channel of light. As it extends vertically, it has this illuminative effect on the body from inside out. It extends straight up through the abdomen through the center of the solar plexus, piercing through the center of the chest all the way up through the center of the throat, center of the brain.

At the base of the pelvis, visualize a cube, it is a 3 dimensional cube at the base of the pelvis. The cube is super stable. And at the center of the cube , sushumna rises up vertically to the level of the abdomen. So, slightly above the rim of the pelvis. And along sushumna here you have the quarter moon, sphere shape, with the two points facing upward. It is like a chalice, or like the silver of the moon in that curved shape. As you follow the sushumna higher up till the level of the solar plexus, which is right at the base below the sternum, that soft part of the chest, you have an upward pointing triangle. Still higher as you follow the vertical channel to the center of your heart, visualize two interlocking triangles. One downward pointing and one upward pointing. Perfectly matched, a six pointed star. All corners, perfectly balanced. As you rise still further along the sushumna, at the base of the throat, visualize a full moon shape, perfect sphere. Full moon at the base of the throat. As you rise still taller to the center of the brain at the level of the third eye, so between the brow, the same level of the back of the skull, a perfect point of light. Illuminating like a perfect diamond. As we extend to the crown of the head and slightly beyond, 2 to 3 inches just above the crown of the head, find a thousand petal lotus.

Spinning clockwise over the head. Silently, effortlessly spinning, Sahasrara Chakra. And as it spins, it perfectly weaves up a net of prana, energy around the body like in a cone shape. And when it spins, it creates this honey combed matrix of prana around the body. And the cone shape weaves back together under the pelvis. As it weaves together, it connects perfectly to the base of the sushumna cube, Muladhara. Rises again to the quarter moon shape, Svadisthana. Rises again to the upward pointing triangle Manipura Chakra. Still higher to the perfect interlocking triangles, Anahata Chakra. Again higher the sphere of Vishuda Chakra at the throat. Up to the third eye, Ajna, the diamond point, Ajna Chakra. To the crown and beyond Sahasrara Chakra, spinning lotus, and it lets this energy field go up, spin and weaves his way around, praying like a healing, perfect illuminative light of energy around your body, back up to the center, to the crown and back down around.


Relax your pelvis.

Align your spine with the axis of the universe.

— By Patrick Creelman, Wild Lotus retreat, Lhasa, Tibet November 2019

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