Prakriti & Purusa

Anything physical is always changing, therefor its reality is not constant, not Eternal. Nature is in this sense like an actor who has only different roles. It never takes off its costume and makeup and goes home, but just changes from one role to another, for ever and ever. So with nature we never quite know where we are, especially as we too are part of it.

The non-physical reality, however difficult to grasp, must have the advantage of being eternal, always the same. This has a consequence. Whatever is real and unchanging must offer us a fixed point, an orientation, like a perfect north on a compass. And how does a compass work? By an attraction between magnetic north and a magnet in our compass. The compass is ourselves. So we are able to infer that there is a Universal Reality in ourselves that aligns us with a Universal Reality that is everywhere else. It is through the alignment of my body that i discovered the alignment of my mind, self and intelligence. Alignment from the outer most body or seath (kosha) to the innermost is the way to bring our own personal Reality into contact with the Universal Reality.

Align your spine with the axis of the universe.

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